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My name is Andrew Scarborough. I am a proactive cancer patient and public health advocate, scrutinising the latest research in order to devise my own optimal metabolic approach in an attempt to manage my disease. I am also an inquisitive researcher, using critical analysis and independent thought to support my university studies.


Prior to my diagnosis of a highly vascular Anapalastic Astrocytoma brain tumour, I studied for a masters in Nutritional Therapy and worked as a personal trainer. I am currently studying Human Biology and Medical Science at the University of Westminster, where I am heavily involved with brain tumour research. I mix practical experience of metabolic therapies with a detailed understanding of its potential for cancer management and seizure control at the cellular level. 

My work as a researcher:


As a researcher I have familiarised myself with current scientific approaches to disease management and I am a member of a several professional bodies within the field of the Life Sciences including The Institute of Biomedical Science and the Biochemical Society. I have detailed my story as a feature article with New Scientist magazine and I personally continue to document my experiences of implementing a restricted ketogenic diet and metabolic therapy protocol. Over the past 3 years I have been writing an autobiographical science blog, utilising evidence based metabolic approaches for brain cancer management, ‘My Brain Cancer Story’. 


In my spare time I collaborate with leaders in the field of cancer research at various academic institutes in order to optimise these treatments and provoke further discussion. I attend and have spoken at conferences, events, and arrange meetings with these medical professionals.


I have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of neurology, dietetics, epigenetics, and I endevour to learn more, allowing me to garner a greater understanding of this complex set of diseases we call cancer. By no means do I ever profess to having all the answers but I try my best to ask the right questions. 

Moving Forward:

Continuous study enables me to effectively monitor and record my own health status over time to establish the safety and efficacy of personalised treatments. My research since diagnosis has been tireless and relentless with the future aim of receiving funding and training to start my own case studies and progress in the field of cancer research.


My work and ideas are progressive and I am now working on a research proposal with Imperial College London to push through a special project I will provide further details of very soon. I have consistent dialogue with my neuro-oncology team involved with my treatment at Charing Cross Hospital to devise metabolic approaches suitable for brain cancer management for potential suitable clinical trials in this country.


I believe the combination of my experience as an informed patient, my knowledge gained studying an array of aetiologies, my continuous personal research and my tireless drive to succeed will allow me to achieve my goals in time despite some natural frustrations. On the whole these developments are incredibly positive.

I hope individuals who stumble upon this collection of resources finds it useful. 

I wish you the very best of health. 

Best wishes,

Andrew Scarborough