The Beating Brain Cancer Podcast

Brain cancer is one of the most devastating diseases known to mankind and the leading cancer killer of the under 40's. The disease remains incurable and ultimately fatal, even with the current standard of care. 


The Beating Brain Cancer podcast is a new science communication show hosted by Andrew Scarborough and Phillip James. Each episode aims to provide brain cancer patients with thought provoking, evidence based novel treatments to better manage the disease and search for a cure. The main focus of the podcast relates to metabolic therapeutics and novel agents to theoretically treat the disease as a long term, chronic condition rather than a death sentence. Each week will introduce experts in the field of brain cancer research, along with exploration from patient experiences on how these novel treatments can be adopted safely.

*Disclaimer: none of the information in this podcast is to be treated as medical advice. The aim of the show is to provide information and provoke discussion. Always consult a licensed physician if you are considering making any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or medical care. 


1. Introduction- Fight or flight? How to live when given a death sentence. Our stories...

2. Surviving Terminal Cancer - Dominic Hill 

3. Metabolic Therapeutics- Dr. Angela Poff

4. Cancer as a Metabolic Disease- Dr. Thomas Seyfried